Play fun fish shooting games on Jiliace

Fish Shooting Games Jiliace is an exclusive, exciting, and famous gambling activity. They have many benefits over traditional slots and roulette games. Fish table games can be played for free or real money at Jiliace. With fish games gambling. There’s more action, control, significant rewards, and a new way to play like no other online casino game!

Aim with the Jiliace fish shooting game!

Fish shooting games are packed with colorful fish, scalloped seashells, and treasure chests full of cash. Buy ammunition to shoot down these swimmy sea creatures. But dangers are lurking—including jellyfish, crabs, sea urchins, and more! Jiliace provides you with the opportunity to chase your destiny. Have fun and have a great time together with friends or colleagues!

How To Play The Fish Game

Two to four players can play fish shooting games. Even though tanks and cannons are used in the game, they are unnecessary. Fish also float in and out of the board, so it is vital to track whether the fish has just entered the board or is about to slip out.

Prop fish

These fish carry a lot of unique props; if you want to get this unique prop, you must try to take it down.

Common fish

These fish are the most frequent small schools of fish in the game, or lower-scoring fish that are easy to knock down and from which players can easily score points.

The Boss Fish

appears differently in different scenes, and although it has a high score, it takes work to defeat.

Special Fish

The unique fish species is the second most difficult of the boss fish, and the appearance of this fish species is different from that of the usual fish, which will be similar to the game’s theme.


The ocean world in the Fishing Jiliace Hall is highly diverse and rich. You will experience thousands of mysterious and new sea creatures. Quickly register an account at the bookmaker today to take advantage of attractive gifts in the colorful ocean world!